Nusa Dua

Where to Stay in Nusa Dua? A Beautiful Beach in Bali

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You arrive in Bali, or you are planning your trip, and you are looking for a beach with white sand, crystal clear waters, sitting under an umbrella drinking a fresh drink. If you imagine like that, the beach of Nusa Dua can be that place. Now, the main fact is where to stay in nusa dua. Let’s discover.

Where to stay in nusa dua?

The very good idea is to stay in one of the hotels in Nusa Dua, you will have direct access to this beautiful beach, and it is a good location to explore Bali. Here are some recommendations according to your budget.

 Nusa Dua

The best hotels in Nusa Dua for less than 50 dollars:

  • Grand Whiz Hotel Nusa Dua Bali
  • Hotel Santika Siligita Nusa Dua
  • Kubu Garden
  • Palm Garden Bali
  • Frangipani Homestay 

The best hotels in Nusa Dua between 50 to 100 dollars

  • Grand Whiz Hotel Nusa Dua Bali
  • Mantra Sakala Resort & Beach Club
  • Rumah Bali
  • The Grand Bali Nusa Dua
  • Hotel Santika Siligita Nusa Dua

The best hotels in Nusa Dua between 100 to 150 dollars

  • Melia Bali Indonesia
  • Grand Whiz Hotel Nusa Dua Bali
  • Bali Tropic Resort & Spa
  • Courtyard by Marriott Bali Nusa Dua
  • Grand Aston Bali Beach Resort

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Recommendation: To better enjoy the beaches, it is advisable to go in the morning or at noon. If you stay at one hotel in Nusa dua, do not miss watching the sunrise from the beach.

Nusa Dua beach is located in the southern area of ​​Bali, chosen by the main resort and large five-star hotel chains. Nusa Dua is located just 10 kilometers from the airport, so the taxi will leave less than 10 dollars.

Large conference centers are located in Nusa Dua. In fact, it was the headquarters of the UN Conference on Climate Change in 2007. It has the reputation of being one of the cleanest and safest beaches in Bali, even to enter it is necessary to pass a security checkpoint.

In the title, I said, “The luxurious beach of Nusa Dua.” It is one of the areas of Bali with the best level since the five-star hotels are in this area, so the beaches are one of the cleanest in Bali. In Nusa Dua, you will get away from the noise of Kuta or Seminyak, making Nusa Dua the ideal place for the family or enjoy a romantic vacation or also a great honeymoon

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What to do in Nusa dua ???

– Without a doubt, the main activity is to enjoy the beautiful beach of Nusa dua, but you can also practice water sports such as Surfing and others.

– You can enjoy a beautiful dinner or romantic lunch by the sea in the luxurious hotels of Nusa dua.

– Enjoy a bike ride or walking through the well-kept parks of Nusa dua.

– Another attraction offered by Nusa Dua is the Water Blow. Basically, it is a rocky area that receives strong blows from the waves of the sea, blowing a gust of water through the air.

We can arrive by motorcycle or car, but there is also the possibility of arriving on a bus from Kuta or Denpasar.

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