What is the ‘Iron Throne’ and Why is it an Important Part in Game of Thrones?

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Game of Thrones is a fantasy television series adapted from the book series written by George R. R. Martin; this show has a combination of violence, action and adventure, and dragons – but what is the ‘Iron Throne’? The ‘Iron Throne’ is a large throne that is based in Kings Landing, and is a throne to the ‘Lord of the Seven Kingdoms’. The throne was originally constructed by Aegon I Targaryen, who made the chair from melted iron swords and shields of his defeated enemies. This chair will certainly make you feel very important, but it may not be the most comfortable to sit on; if you’re looking for a brand new office chair for your desk, a standard Operator Chair will really do the trick and will make you feel comfortable whilst sitting at your desk.

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The ‘Iron Throne’ first appears in the first series where the throne is sat on by the king, Robert Baratheon, husband of Cersei Lannister, and father of Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella. The hand of the kind, Ned stark will occasionally sit on the ‘Iron Throne’, and assist with royal duties if Robert is away hunting. The throne is a very important piece of the story in the first series because as the story progresses, viewers are unsure about who will take the throne.

Robert Baratheon dies of injuries from a wild boar attack, something Cersei had planned and anticipated as she had got Robert drunk before his hunting trip. In a desperate attempt to put her son Joffrey on the throne, she even accuses Ned Stark of treason; later on in the series, Ned gets executed, to which Joffrey then becomes king, and therefore sits on the ‘Iron Throne’. There are many kings before Robert Baratheon that sat on the ‘Iron Throne’, you can see them here.

The throne once belonged to the Targaryens but was taken over by Robert Baratheon, and the Lannisters. A big part of the Game of Thrones story involves Daenerys Targaryen, and her brother, Viserys Targaryen working to build an army to take over King’s Landing, and avenge her family.

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In the first series, the Lannisters were close to The Starks (house Stark of Winterfell), as Ned Stark is the hand of the King (Robert Baratheon). They visit kings landing, in hope for Ned and Sansa to move there; Sansa longs to marry Prince Joffrey to become Queen of Kings Landing. After Ned’s execution, Sansa is treated appallingly and is made to look at her father’s head on a pike.

In the last series Daenerys finally builds up an army of fighters and dragons to take over King’s Landing; she destroys the city, and everyone in it to get revenge on the Lannisters. Knowing that she is a threat, Jon Snow (Lord of Winterfell) kills Daenerys, in which he is later tried for his crimes – he luckily avoids execution. The next heir to the Iron Throne later reveals to be Bran Stark, the only remaining brother to Jon Snow. The ‘Iron Throne’ gets destroyed by Daenerys dragon, Drogon when he discovers her body.

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