What is the fire triangle?

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There is an old saying about fire; it is a great slave but a terrible master. Basically if it’s under control it is useful and warming but when uncontrolled  it is frightening and incredibly destructive. We control it via optimising its fuel source and regulating the heat, oxygen is already present. These three things are what is needed to make a fire and also how to stop it if it is burning uncontrollably.

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The fire triangle is made of the following. Oxygen, fuel and heat. Remove anyone of these and the fire will go out. Depending on the circumstances the removal of the heat is usually covered by water but if you have an electrical fire this is dangerous so it is better to use a carbon dioxide extinguisher or powder. This “chokes” the fire removing the oxygen. In larger fires such as in a forest the fuel is removed by creating a fire break between the trees stemming the fires advance.

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