What Are Nickel Alloys?

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Have you ever heard about nickel alloys? In case you have not, the term Nickel Alloys is using to refer to a type of alloy which contains nickel metal. This is quite different from the nickel that we are accustomed to seeing on our watches and in our various other consumer products. What are nickel alloys, you may ask?

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Nickel alloy is formed by combining two different metals, usually nickel and zinc, which have excellent physical properties. The combination is then forced through a process called alloying, which results in a highly conductive alloy, which has superior electrical and mechanical properties. It is this superior quality of these alloys, which makes them very desirable, both for use in modern Industry and also for use in antique collectibles and decorations. They are found in a wide range of products, such as: car parts, watches, jewellery, construction equipment, and just about any other product you can think of! Many of these are treated with a Thermal Plasma Spray from Poeton.

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If we look at the properties of these materials we can see that they are quite unique. For instance, one particular alloy that is used for corrosion resistance is Nickel chrome. Another great feature of Nickel alloys is that they are extremely malleable, which allows for the creation of many different shapes and sizes within the same metal. Now back to the original question: what are nickel alloys? To answer that you will need to look at what the nickel metal is, and how this metal can be combined with other materials to create new alloys.

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