Vehicles that are actually road legal

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With so many makes and models available, it can be tough to choose the right car. Drivers are spoilt for choice, but what if that driver wants something a little out of the ordinary? You’ll no longer forget where you’ve parked when driving one of the following vehicles:

A tank

First time registration of a tank is a bureaucratic nightmare, but you can pick up a tank that’s already registered, starting at a very reasonable £4000. Should you wish to drive your tank on a public road, you do need to have a category H licence.

However, bet you didn’t know that anybody who has a full UK driving licence is entitled to a provisional category H licence? This means you can drive a registered tank so long as you show L plates and have someone with you who holds a category H licence. Should your tank only have one seat? You don’t need a qualified passenger at all!

You can be sure that these individuals will want to have some Metal bonding adhesive ready just in case their tank is in need of emergency repair.

Tron Light Cycle

If you’ve seen the movie Tron, you’ll know how amazing the motorbikes looked with their neon, hubless wheels and low seat riding position. Think they don’t really exist? Parker Brothers, who create bespoke motorcycles, decided to make one for a bargain price of $55,000 that is powered by the same lithium-ion batteries that are used in the Tesla Model S.

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Sofa car

Can’t be bothered to get off the sofa? Well, now you don’t have to with the sofa car made by Ed China, star of the Wheeler Dealers shows. Completely road-legal and with a top speed of 87mph, you’ll certainly turn heads travelling on this vehicle! The sofa car even managed to set a new world record.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

These little red plastic cars are found in children’s gardens the world over and hold such a special place in people’s hearts that two mechanics from Oxfordshire decided to build a grown-up version from a Daewoo Matiz. If you don’t mind looking like a very big kid, then this could be the car for you!

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Don’t fancy two wheels but bored of four? Then try three instead. There are actually two types of trike – one with a bike engine and one with a car engine. The engine type isn’t what classifies it for tax or insurance purposes, it’s the weight that does that. If it weighs less than 410kg, it’s classed as a motorcycle, and higher than that, it’s a car. What’s more, they used to require a car licence but now they need a motorcycle one.

Formula Ford

For any budding Formula 1 race driver, the lower divisions must be conquered first, including Formula Ford. These vehicles are normally for strict track use only, but in 2012 Ford made a single vehicle, complete with tax disc, number plate and road-legal lights. It was made to showcase its small but powerfully turbo-charged EcoBoost engine.


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