Top Soap Opera Programmes in the UK

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Soap Opera’s are long-running television programmes that include a range of controversial and dramatic storylines. Minor celebrities and Actors typically feature in Soap Operas, and will only have played other minor roles. There are many different Soap Operas in the UK that are based around the country and include a range of different characters that create dramatic storylines. Soap Operas will typically have major storylines at key times of the year, such as Christmas for example. If you are keen to get into a British Soap Opera, then you will most definitely want to check these ones out.

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Eastenders is one of the longest-running Soap Operas in the Uk; having first starred on BBC in 1985, there is no denying that it is a popular watch with many British households. There have been many top controversial and dramatic storylines on Eastenders, one of those being the abuse of Ben Mitchell by his dad’s girlfriend Stella; it is these storylines that keep viewers tuning in to the show. One of their oldest running Actresses, June Brown (Dot Cotton) who starred in the first year of Eastenders has recently announced that she is leaving the show after 35 years. Many different stars have come and gone over the years, but Eastenders continues to attract new and aspiring young actresses.


Emmerdale was originally filmed in Esholt, Leeds, and then after 22 years of filming there, the production moved to a studio in Leeds, this is due to the locals getting annoyed with the filming of the cast and crew. The show first broadcasted in 1972, and at first, was known as ‘Emmerdale Farm’, but after the relocation of the set, it was then just known as Emmerdale. There have been many dramatic and controversial storylines in Emmerdale; one of those included the 2000 Barn Fire which was done by Andy Sugden so his adoptive dad could get insurance money, however, he accidentally killed his adoptive mum in the barn fire as she was having an affair with a fellow resident, Richie Carter.

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 Coronation Street 

Coronation Street is the longest-running British Soap Opera that has certainly created a fair share of daring storylines. ITV’s Coronation Street is filmed on an interior set, and also an exterior street set in Manchester. Many characters have come and gone over the years, and these characters have featured in a variety of different storylines. There have been a number of long-running characters that have been on Coronation Street since the beggining – one of those being Gail Platt who has been on the show for 45 years.


Hollyoaks is one of the newest Soap Operas as it first aired in 1995; this show is directed at a younger target audience of older teens and young adults. The village in Hollyoaks is based in Chester, Cheshire, but is filmed in a studio in Liverpool. If you desperately want to watch this TV programme, but your aerial needs fixing or updating, then you might want to get in touch with a TV Aerials Cardiff based company such as, or an aerial fitter near you to help you get your aerial working again.

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