The need for an accountant

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Accountants are unsung heroes in many ways. They seem to also get the blame for a lot of things as well. It is not thought to be the most exciting role but it can be very rewarding and accountants have uncovered many examples of wrong doing in their time.

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Why do we need accountants? Quite simply to keep us all on the straight and narrow. Finance, and the management of it is generally something that people are not interested in doing (mainly because it is hard). It is much more interesting to come up with creative ideas  and exciting ventures. However we always need someone to put the brakes on and provide some reality to our more outlandish ideas with a simple “and how are we going to afford this looking at your profit?”

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It is also a legal requirement, as the Cheltenham Accountants of will gladly tell you and help you, for any UK registered business. The purpose of Tax is an ever present consideration for a company and to stay on the right side of the Her Majesty Revenue and Customs  you will need one.

So, lets not be too hasty in complaining about them. The accountant is an essential part of the UK’s economy.

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