The Delights of the Turkish Islands

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If you’re looking for a holiday that encompasses stunning golden, sandy, beaches and crystal clear, turquoise blue seas along side impressive historical monuments, vineyards and traditional villages then look no further than the Turkish Islands. Popular in the summer months are the Princes Islands, with the only transport being provided by horse and cart they are tranquil, calm and offer a peaceful break away from the City of Istanbul.  Turkey itself has plenty of stunning beaches and villages to occupy any visitor should you choose to stay on the mainland.  From a huge range of hotels to Kas Villas, to small private apartments the choice of accommodation is bountiful and allows you to choose exactly what type of holiday you are looking for.  Do your research and speak to experts such as they will help you pick the perfect accommodation for you and your family.

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Explore the peaceful harbours in Bozcaada, the multi-coloured houses and cobbled streets in Cunda, swim in the cobalt-blue lake in Akdmar, these stunning locations are all incredible.  Looking for untouched beauty and natural resources Gokceada island also known as Poseidon’s Island is the largest in the Aegean Sea. Altogether there are approximately 500 Islands and islets in the area of Turkey’s seas.  The pristine beaches, daunting mountains, unique history and charm of these islands bring visitors from far and wide and many return again and again with so much to do and see the opportunities for a fabulous holiday are endless.

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