alternatives to AutoCAD
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AutoCAD is the reference software in 2D and 3D computer-aided design. It is a very complete program, and really versatile. These are just a few of the reasons why it has become the preferred choice of architects or engineers. Thanks to AutoCAD they can capture their designs very precisely. In summary, a very useful tool to develop your activity.

The best alternatives to AutoCAD

Despite being an extremely useful tool, it is the program most used by companies around the world, its price is really high. An AutoCAD license, for annual use, is priced at more than 2,000 dollars. Although this amount may not be important for large companies, for SMEs, freelancers or students, it is an amount that they cannot pay.

Therefore, given the unattainable price of this program, they are forced to look for alternatives. And the search is not too easy. We need an alternative that offers us many options and can replace AutoCAD as much as possible. Luckily, there are quite a few quality alternatives available online. The best thing is that many of them are free. In this way, we can enjoy the use of a similar tool, without our pocket noticing it.

Below we leave you with our selection of the best alternatives to AutoCAD. Do you know any of them?

QCadalternatives to AutoCAD

It is a very popular tool, although in this case it only supports 2D design. Despite that, it is a really useful option. It is probably one of the easiest programs to use. It has a very simple and intuitive interface. Another advantage is that it is a cross-platform alternative. Compatible with Linux, Windows, or Mac, so any user can use it without any problem. In the case of students, it can be a good option to start practicing.

LibreCADalternatives to AutoCAD

It is another alternative that is quite popular. Again it is a 2D assisted design tool. It is mainly its biggest limitation. It is also cross-platform, so all users can enjoy it. It has an interface that looks a lot like AutoCAD, so if you have ever used it, getting used to it is very simple. One of its great advantages is that it is very light. So you can install it on all types of computers, which will not give you hardly any problems. Keep reading: sites like OmegleĀ 

FreeCADalternatives to AutoCAD

Many see it as the best alternative to AutoCAD that exists. It is especially aimed at mechanical engineering and product design. Although they have a very wide range to be used in other branches of engineering as well. Again, it offers design and experience very similar to what AutoCAD offers, so you quickly adapt to this program. It is cross-platform and very powerful. It is a very solid option, possibly the best of all present. It is a very complete program and its use is not the most complicated of all, so you can always opt for using it.

BRL-CADalternatives to AutoCAD

This tool has support for both 2D and 3D design. It is a program that arises from a joint development between NASA and the American Army. It is a very complete option, and it also has a lot of documentation for any questions that may arise. Its main problem is that it is totally different from AutoCAD, so it can take a while to get used to it. It also offers cross-platform support, just like the previous ones. And to give you an idea, it offers 400 utilities for various purposes (geometric analysis, creating 3D models …). If you have the patience to use it and learn, it is undoubtedly a very complete bet and with many options available.

Other options

Currently, there are other options that can also be very useful, although in general, they do not reach the level of the previous four. If you have tried any of these four, and for whatever reason, they do not convince you, you can always find other alternatives. Another program that you can try is gCAD3D. It is a program that offers the basic functions and also the option of 3D design. For Linux users, there is another option to consider. This is PythonCAD. Also quite complete, although it only supports 2D design. But overall it’s worth a try.

Alternatives there are many. The important thing is to find a program that will meet your needs. That is without a doubt the most important thing of all. But it is also important to find one that is easy and comfortable to use. If you are going to have a lot of problems, or if after a while you are still not used to using it, chances are you should look for another one that is easier for you. If you have previous experience with AutoCAD, most will not give you problems, since they are very similar.

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