Some things you might not know about Rubber.

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Rubber is an important resource that we make a great use of in the western world. It’s not just the manufacturer of welly boos there is also its use in Rubber Injection Moulding where it makes us a huge amount of items that make our lives a lot easier. But did you know this about rubber?

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The process for making welly boots and other toughed rubber products is called vulcanisation. Gumboots as they were originally known were invented in 1852 by Hutchinson and Goodyear, the person also responsible for tyres. Rubber is not the natural product that it once was, most of the modern rubber we use now is synthetic.

Rubber is used in roads and even in buildings to aid construction so it’s not just a clothing accessory. Without rubber, cars would have no seals on the doors and windows and neither would fridges to keep in the cold. Without those rubber seals you would soon find that all many of wet and nasty liquids would start seeping in. Very useful stuff indeed.

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Even better news, if you recycle rubber it has been found to create an alternative fuel source to oil  and coal that has similar properties to both.

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