Soil is so important

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If you want to grow anything then you need to have a decent base for it. This starts first and foremost  with the soi that you are putting your plants in. True story, I was very keen on growing some heathers in my garden and just as I was about to get some my Dad said that he didn’t think I had ericaceous soil. I didn’t even know there was such a thing but if I had planted my heathers they would not have lasted a week! How do you get the right kind of soil in your garden to grow what you want?

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The type of soil in the UK is very diverse. Some of it is perfect for growing plants and crops whilst others are suited to grass. Some is dry and crumbly where as in other areas the soil is little more than clay. So, what do you need to do short of getting a Land Remediation Service like is take some measures to make it better?

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The idea is to make the soil “crumbly”. Plants roots don’t want to make too much of an effort and clay soil prevents that. You ultimately want loam soil but if you have clay or sandy soil this can take some work. Adding organic matter and compost is the only answer.

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