Six Steps When Buying a Domain Name

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No business can properly market itself in the information age without having a website to build organic customer reach and capitalise on their brand identity. It is relatively simple to buy and register a domain name that will bring new customers to your business, but for those not sure how to get started, here are the six steps to buying a domain name.

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Create a Domain Name

The first step to buy domain name is to create a website name that will work for your business. Use a highly ranked keyword for your field, and have a name that is short, catchy and easy for customers to remember. Avoid using any numbers, hyphens or slang spellings that might divert customers away from your website when they try searching for it on a search engine.

Use a Domain Checker

Once you’ve come up with the best domain name, check that it hasn’t been already claimed by another business. Use a domain checker to see whether it has been used before. If it has, go back to the drawing board and create a name that hasn’t been bought already.

Run a Domain Name Search

Use a site such as to check and see how the domain name you’ve chosen will be registered. The tool will present you with a list of available options that can be registered for your business.

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Pick Your Domain

Once you have a name that works for your business, proceed with the registration. Choose a payment option and get ready to complete the application.

Complete Domain Registration

Make sure to fill in all the fields with the correct details for your business. Make sure that professional details are used, not personal, in case multiple staff members are required to monitor and update the domain. Domain ownership details can be modified and altered, but it is worthwhile thinking towards the future from the start.

Verify Ownership of the Domain

Verify domain ownership with the email used while registering. This is why it is vital to use a business email address – not a personal one. A registration email should arrive a few minutes after finishing domain set-up. Forgetting to verify ownership of the domain will suspend the website for around twenty-four to forty-eight hours before full functionality can be restored.

Once these steps are done, building your online business will be so much easier.

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