Signs that a tree is unsafe

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There are some very basic signs that a tree is unsafe to work on and when they are not taken seriously the outcome can be fatal. If you are thinking about working on a tree but do not understand the consequences, then these are the signs that should be given some serious thought before you start working on the tree.


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The first sign is that the tree you want to work on is dead. A tree may be dead for no obvious reason, but you might see tell-tale signs on the bark that could be indicative of a disease or pest attack. The second sign is that the branches are dead, and they might appear dry and easily snap off. These are just some of the more common signs that a tree is unsafe, and it might be better to have it removed. For a Dorset Tree Surgeon, contact Kieran Boyland.

The third sign is that you will see some leaf discolouration. It is easy to overlook or not notice such signs, but a dead or decaying tree can pose a risk to safety were it to fall.

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Don’t be tempted to try any work on the tree unless you are an experienced tree surgeon. For example, you might accidentally fall and break your arm, you could break your leg or even have a serious accident. There are just too many accidents that can occur if you fall from a ladder.

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