Employment law looks at all aspects of an employer and employee relationship. This covers everything from the recruitment process, the way an employee is managed right through to the firing and dismissal processes. Clear recommendations are made to employers on the ways in which they handle and manage their employees and their processes. Image credit

Aluminum, dzięki swoim właściwościom, ma niezwykle szerokie zastosowanie w dzisiejszej technologii. Odkąd Sir Humphry Davy po raz pierwszy otrzymał aluminium w wyniku rafinacji elektrolitycznej w 1808 roku, metal ten przeszedł ogromną transformację. Dzięki swemu podobieństwu do srebra, początkowo aluminium uznawane było za ‘szlachetny’ metal i używane było do wytwarzania medali wojskowych i  biżuterii. W roku

Men’s Aran Sweaters are very special kinds of clothing that are appreciated by men for many years. The Aran Sweater actually takes its name from the first series of islands in which it originally originated, some hundred generations back. The Aran Islands are located off the west coast of Ireland, at the entrance of Galway

Copper (Cu), a natural mineral, red, highly conductive metal, of the Group 11 (Ia) of the periodic table, is a very good conductor of electricity. Copper is present in the unaltered natural state. It is often used for electrical and magnetic fields, such as soldering the copper wiring used in telephone booths, airplane hangers, and