Myths About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Common Myths About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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If you run an office or a small business, you’re most likely not expecting your employees to walk around on bare floors all day. Choosing the right carpeting for your business will help your workers stay more comfortable, help you cut down on heating bills, and keep your place of business looking professional. Having a beautiful new carpet, of course, also means putting in the time to research and find the right carpet care. Whether you decide to hire a green carpet cleaning service or use a commercial service that specializes in office carpet cleaning, you need to make sure you’re getting your rug cleaned at least every few months. Otherwise, you could be opening up your office to tons of germs, bad air quality, and worse. You don’t want to endanger the health of your workers or work in a grungy office. Commercial carpet cleaning is essential. So why does it get such a bad rap? Here are a few of the most common myths surrounding commercial carpet cleaning, shattered.

MYTH: You Can Clean Your Carpet DIY

You may feel like you can tackle a carpet cleaning job on your own when you’re at home, but dealing with a commercial carpet is a whole different thing. Think about how dirty your office carpet gets in the course of a day. Even if you do your best to clean your rug by hand, chances are you’re making the damage a lot worse than it is. If you’re overwetting your carpet, using too much soap, or simply not doing a thorough enough job, you’re probably contributing to a dirtier, less hygienic workplace. Don’t try and clean your carpet yourself, you’ll only end up wasting time and ending up with a poor result. If you want your office carpet to remain clean and professional-looking, always hire a service to do it for you.

MYTH: New Carpets Don’t Need Cleaning

While your carpet might be brand new, after a week or two it’s not going to be looking or feeling so fresh. If you have a dark-colored rug that’s close-textured, you probably won’t notice how dirty it is. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not completely filthy, even after such a short amount of time. You don’t have to worry about your carpet getting dirty at home after only a few weeks, but chances are your office gets a lot of foot traffic and will get dirty far more quickly. You’ll also be dealing with a lot more germs and bacteria than you normally would. Also, don’t assume that because a run is fresh from the factory it’s completely clean. If you’re really a stickler about office cleanliness, get your rug cleaned as soon as possible to minimize the risk of any bacteria spreading.

MYTH: You Can Wait Forever to Clean Your Carpet Myths About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Again, just because your carpet doesn’t look dirty doesn’t mean that it isn’t. Many offices purposefully decide to get a dark-colored carpet because it won’t easily show stains. Still, most of the truly harmful aspects of a dirty carpet can’t be seen by the human eye. We know bacteria exist, even though we can’t see it. You shouldn’t wait for your rug to get an obvious eyesore of a stain before scheduling a professional cleaning. Ideally, you’ll have a long-term appointment set up so you can make sure your rug isn’t becoming a breeding ground for toxins, pathogens, and allergens of all kinds. Don’t go more than a few weeks to a month without getting your carpet cleaned by a professional.

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MYTH: Only Clean Your Carpet When It’s Dirty

Your carpet is rarely ever going to be totally spotless. Since you’re working in a place where a lot of people are likely to pass through, bringing germs, bacteria, and other unwanted baggage into your space, you don’t want to take chances. That’s why scheduling a regular cleaning is the best way to care for your rug. Dirt is something you definitely want to get a handle on, but there are also other things to avoid, such as poor air quality and a virus that moves through the office, turning everyone into a flu zombie. Why wouldn’t you want to take responsibility for presenting clients, visitors, and workers with a clean, professional-looking (and smelling) office? Planning out a cleaning schedule isn’t hard to do. As long as you’re getting professionals in to clean at least every few weeks, you’ll be doing your part to keep the office fun, friendly, and fully flu-free.

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