My first first love season 2

My first first love season 2 of the South Korean drama on Netflix

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My first first love (“my first first love”), from the title we are warned. Lovers of love and romance, welcome!

To date, the broadcast of the first season has barely ended on Netflix, we are already told about season 2. Korean brunette fans are in heaven. Reminding us of ”  Friends ” by the starting pitch. Friends find themselves living under the same roof and sharing their sentimental stories, of work, of sport… and of eating a lot of ice cream.

Who loves whom? Who is not loved by whom? First emotions and weekends with friends are a basic lot of this South Korean drama … Which has no other ambition than to make one think of something other than our daily life and… which does it very well!

My first first love, the story of the seriesMy first first love season 2

Yun Tae-o is a student in his twenties who has it all. While he complains of often living alone because of complicated family relationships, he finds himself more or less obliged to welcome four of his comrades into his home. Who for various reasons can no longer stay at home? We then become the witnesses of their romantic or friendly adventures.

Thus, “My first first love” brings together some of the South Korean stars of the moment, whether in front or behind the camera. It was written by Kim Min-Seo whose novel ” My Black Mini Dress  ” had already given birth to a feature film in 2011.

Finally, if you are a fan of dramas, you will certainly recognize Ji Soo in the role of the hero. Seen in the series “Strong Woman” … Jung Chae-Yeon, singer of the K-Pop group “Dia” will be at the heart of the love triangle. Likewise, Friends of the Series are played by actors or singers from well-known Korean bands.

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