Mirrors for your home

Mirrors for your home

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Take advantage of your home thanks to a bright and attractive accessory: the mirror. Get to know the many possibilities and advantages that incorporating them into your home have in the correct way: light, spaciousness, design…
Its essence is that it reflects light and creates the sensation of greater depth and with it the perception of being in a larger place. Of course, if you go and recharge, what you will get is the opposite effect.

Thus, mirrors can transmit in a very simple way the reflection of a good study of your space, and that is that you have endless possibilities in terms of style, location, and size. And just for these aspects, there are some basic rules:

SizeMirrors for your home

The bigger the room the bigger the mirror can be and vice versa. It looks like a drawer but many times when we see a majestic mirror we forget to take this premise into account and then once we put it on it turns the room into a loading place.

LocationMirrors for your home

Better near the windows or focused on a certain ornament or plant … But never in front of a smooth wall, because you will nullify the decorative virtues of your star element.

The bathrooms are the queen room in the installation of mirrors, not only because they help you when it comes to your daily hygiene, which of course, but because with them we achieve a more active effect of this room, the murals or the round ones are of the more usual.

The entrance to your house is also a very good option for mirrors, and another of the ideal locations is the furniture; in fact, you can give prominence to that showcase if you put a mirror in the background or, what if you risk doing it with that piece of furniture in the kitchen?

StyleMirrors for your home

There is no doubt that a good mirror will capture the attention of the guests, therefore, it is usually very common that we find them in living rooms. In addition, one of the last holdings in terms of decoration with uneven mirrors placed as a mural or puzzle

And as for the design, the mirrors with shapes such as elements of nature, hearts, geometric figures …, And also the compounds creating clocks, trees … are the most original, that’s why they are always a wise choice for the rooms of the Smaller or the study and reading rooms.

The color, the presence or not of the frame, and the thickness of your mirror are other aspects that you will have to see in terms of design.

One of the stars for the bedrooms is the full-length or foot mirrors, what an enjoyment for the eyes, and how practical they are when it comes to checking the wardrobe! And if your room is not that big, try installing it in your closet.

Ah! And if you already have mirrors in your home but you feel that you are not taking away all the performance, try to change places or give it a new life with some special stickers, placing lights or customizing its frame, if it has one.

And be very careful when putting or moving them because if it breaks it is 7 years of bad luck!

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