Men’s Aran Sweaters – Why You Need This Type of Sweater

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Men’s Aran Sweaters are very special kinds of clothing that are appreciated by men for many years. The Aran Sweater actually takes its name from the first series of islands in which it originally originated, some hundred generations back. The Aran Islands are located off the west coast of Ireland, at the entrance of Galway Bay. They have a proud history of fishing, independence and resourcefulness.

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The history of the Aran Islands sweater is a long one; the name Aran means “crew” in Gaelic. The jumpers that you can find nowadays from companies like Shamrock Gift are based on this historic design and you can find multiple pattern types available, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. The jumpers are incredibly durable as well as being warm and stylish. They are definitely something that the fashion conscious man should have in their wardrobe collection. It was created by the women of the island to protect their men as they caught the essential food for the inhabitants.

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It was said that the sweater was so warm that the soldiers would put their coats on inside it while they slept. Now, you can proudly own an Aran sweater and be a part of this exciting history. Available in several styles, sizes and colors, there is no reason why anyone should be without an Aran sweater any time of the year.

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