Look after the safety of your reception staff

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Reception staff may be the first face people see when they come into a company, but they also bear most of the issues. Whilst most people will be polite and will happily be shown to the Reception Chairs, like the ones from https://www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/reception-chairs/ where they can wait to be seen or for their meeting to start, there will be some who will be unhappy with a product or service and may turn their anger and upset onto your receptionists.

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Here are some ways that you can keep your reception staff safe.

  • CCTV can be used to help make your staff feel more secure and they will also provide evidence should an investigation need to take place. It is important that your receptionists are aware of where the cameras are located and how to use them and monitor the screens.

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  • Screens – at the moment during the pandemic more and more screens are being used to help protect the health of employees. However, screens are useful in general in that they provide a guard between the receptionist and the visitors and can help them to feel safer knowing there is an object between them and an individual that may be getting angry and annoyed.
  • Under desk alarms – there are a number of systems that allow for a silent alarm button to be placed underneath the desk that would alert a security guard, member of staff or the police that your receptionist is feeling threatened and in need of support.

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