Is your conveyor system operating to its maximum potential?

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If your conveyor system isn’t operating at full capacity, you might start to fall behind on production and find it difficult to keep up with orders. Even falling behind for a short amount of time can have a significant knock-on effect that could end up costing your business greatly over the long term.

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Although it can be tempting to immediately begin looking into your options when it comes to expanding your system, it is important to remember that there could also be some simpler solutions that will see you through the foreseeable future.

Flow and vacuum

Your system’s vacuum level will determine how much product can seamlessly flow through in a set period of time. If your system isn’t working at full capacity in this regard, it is important to begin by checking that all air filters are free of dust or other contaminants that might be impeding performance. Similarly, you should also ensure that all clamps are secure and all hoses are free of holes and cracks.

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Material or production changes

If you have recently enhanced your moulding process or made any refinements to your production process, you might find that you are using materials at a faster rate than your production capacity can keep up with.

In these situations, sometimes even the most diligently maintained and well-designed system would struggle to keep up with demand. It is, however, important to check the replenishment cycle times of your receivers because changes in materials can influence throughput rates, particularly if they have different flow characteristics.

Time to upgrade

Pneumatic conveying systems, some examples of which can be examined in greater detail at, are highly versatile and suited to a wide range of production processes. If you determine that your current setup should theoretically currently be meeting the production demands of your business, it might be time to consider an upgrade that will deliver a tangible and measurable return on investment (ROI).

Enhancing the performance and output of your business shouldn’t ever feel like an impossible task. If you are confident that you have conducted appropriate maintenance and implemented processes to maximise the performance of your current setup, reaching out to discuss your options with your chosen supplier will help you to strive for increased productivity as well as the future expansion and growth of your business.

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