How to Wear a Sports Jacket

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So you’re heading out for the evening and want to look good, but what to wear with a sports jacket? One of the most important factors when it comes to sporting outerwear is to ensure that you’re comfortable, as this will dictate a lot about how you feel and your confidence. It can be difficult to know whether a certain style or material is going to suit you. If it doesn’t suit your body shape or size then there’s no point in wearing it, so make sure you know what style and design are best suited to your body shape. For Mish Mash Menswear, visit Louis Boyd

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If you have an athletic body then you’ll need to ensure that you wear a sports jacket that fits snugly, and isn’t too loose. You’ll find that they’re available in all sorts of styles, designs, colours and materials, so depending on the conditions you may need to choose something a little more specific. However, don’t assume that a lighter coloured jacket will automatically mean it’s easier to breathe, as this isn’t always the case! Check the label for information on the materials used and ensure that your jacket won’t restrict your movement.


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When choosing what to wear with a sports jacket, it’s also worth thinking about if you’re comfortable wearing it. It’s important that it fits well, as otherwise you may feel restricted and uncomfortable, which would affect your enjoyment. With the right jacket you should be able to move freely without feeling uncomfortable and at the same time protect your body from the elements.

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