How To Take Care Of Your Feet In Older Age

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Looking after your feet can be a difficult and boring chore especially if you are a busy person who doesn’t get much time for exercise. However, taking care of your feet is very important and should be done properly. The most important step towards looking after your feet properly is regular foot care. Foot care starts with having clean and dry feet. This does not mean that you need to buy expensive shoes or go to the dermatologist every time your feet get dirty. You don’t!  Long walks and an active life style is also essential. It’s certainly something that you can do when you have a Park Home Life. Go to Park Homes for Sale in Gloucestershire to see what we mean.

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The most important part of foot care is to make sure that they are kept clean and dry at all times. You can do this by taking short walks wearing comfortable socks and always keeping your feet out in the sunshine. Never walk around with wet or soggy feet. Always pat dry them and use talcum powder as often as possible.

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How to take care of your feet in older age is also possible if you learn some simple but effective foot exercises. These can be done at home or at the office. One of the simplest of these exercises involves stepping up onto the balls of your feet and gently pressing down. You will feel the muscles of your feet getting tight. Do this for five minutes continuously.

Another simple way to take care of your feet is to learn how to arch your toes correctly. For this, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Then step forward slowly and use both of your feet to take care of yourself. While doing this, slowly press down on the balls of your feet making sure that you are taking care of your arches.



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