How Did the Victorians Heat Their Homes?

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Many people today think that the Victorian era began with the Industrial Revolution, and while it was true that large industrialisation did begin in the Industrial Revolution, it really was the onset of new living standards. The Victorians were renowned for their high quality of art and their luxurious style of furnishings. Their homes had everything from large beautiful furniture made of wood, to ornate wallpaper borders, to a variety of fabrics and rugs. The Victorians were not the first to have these kinds of things in their homes; but they were the first to use them on a massive scale. This was not the case for the majority of the populace that generally lived in appalling conditions and abject squalor due to poor wages, no working rights and a piecemeal democratic system that served no one but the ruling elites.

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While most homes of the time had either a chimney or a fireplace in them, the Victorians were the first to use both of these in their homes. They loved the look of fireplaces and found that they helped give their rooms an added warmth and charm. When venturing into a house that had a fireplace, a child’s room could have one as well as an adult one. We would have Boiler Installation Cheltenham Combi Man come in and sort that out.

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Gas lighting and heating was beginning to make its presence felt in the Victiorian home. Most homes used the central fireplace, a Range, to also warm the hot water tank. For the most part coal still formed the only source of heat for the home.


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