Giving your home some class.

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What’s one of the most interesting ways to get your home looking classy? Here are a few suggestions that you can do so that the next time the neighbours, friends or family come around they can be rendered into shock and awe at the sight of your home.

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  1. Perfect decorating. Choosing something interesting in the home starts with the decor. Try and pick a bold and invigorating colour that is sure to get noticed. Next add some kind of transfer. These are very popular at the moment and come in many interesting designs. It will look like you’ve painted something special on the wall.
  2. William Morris fabrics or Wallpaper. William Morris was very concerned that with the introduction of industrialisation the skills of the arts and crafts would be lost. He resolved with his friends to keep the art alive and so he began introducing fantastic patterns and designs that soon caught on. They still impress today.
  3. Oak Truss. These thick solid beams of English oak make the hose look like a rustic dream. Don’t worry about a loft. Get you beams exposed to the visit and have a bit of medieval look to the place. You can get some from

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  1. Antiques. It might prove to be a bit expensive but rather than fill you home up with modern furniture and Nick-Knacks why not clear the whole lot out and switch over to the style of the Nineteenth century. You don’t have to go back that far. You can always focus on a nice art deco house.

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