Flower Power and the swinging sixties

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The infamous decade of the swinging sixties, encompassed the era of, Flower power and the summer of Love!  The sensational music from the Beatles, The Beach Boys, and The Rolling Stones all became the music revolution that influenced the lives of the sixty’s youth generation.  Rock n Roll, Hippies, outrageous drug taking and prolific sex parties were the order of the day.  Probably more than any other decade the sixties conjures up a distinct image of miniskirts, technicolour clothes, headbands, groovy music and psychedelic costumes.

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Sexual freedom was paramount to the culture of the time and Home StI Kits London were certainly not the order of the day! The contraceptive pill was first licensed in 1961 and although governments recommended it be prescribed only to older married women the control it allowed over women’s own fertility proved incredibly popular. The Abortion Act allowed from 1968 that Doctors could perform an abortion up to 24weeks of pregnancy.  These new sexual freedoms especially for women meant a revolution in culture and with London at it’s epicentre and the blooming British economy the Swinging Sixties flourished.   This new youth driven cultural revolution changed the course of music, art and of course fashion. From the iconic Mods and their smart black and white outfits to the tatty blue jeans, long hair and headbands of the Rockers.  Designer Mary Quant and her classic, modern, ultra-Short skirts paired with long, white, heeled boots and bright colours was the fashion icon of the decade.

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