Employment Law UK – A Guide Explaining All That You Need to Know

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Employment law looks at all aspects of an employer and employee relationship. This covers everything from the recruitment process, the way an employee is managed right through to the firing and dismissal processes. Clear recommendations are made to employers on the ways in which they handle and manage their employees and their processes.

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Issues such as discrimination, dismissal, maternity leave and even whistle blowing, all of which can have a direct impact on your career can be areas where Employment Solicitors such as those from Employment Law Friend can support you. These areas need to be managed carefully and within the letter of the law to ensure that everyone is treated the same and to help prevent people from being discriminated against as a result of their gender, race or sexuality.

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It also gives solicitors and courts the parameters around which they can ensure that the law is being followed and they can then put penalties and fines in place for those employers and employees that breach these. A case has to be carefully assessed to make sure that it has merit and this will often go to arbitration between an employer and an employee and will only reach court if an agreement can be reached at an earlier stage or in the event of a serious allegation.

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