Do you have plants in your office

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Did you know that having plants in your office can actually help improve the morale and motivation of your staff. This is just one of the small reasons as to why you might want to consider adding them to your office. Of course it is equally as important that you have a clean office in the first place so why not take a look at a Office Cleaning Gloucester company and see how they can help you.

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Back to the benefits of plants in offices, here are just a few for you to have a look at.

Plants make for a much juicer environment – The appearance of the place is enhanced by strategically positioned plants around the office. They also enhance the atmosphere in which you work and make it more welcoming for customers.

They make the workplace healthier for you – Plants are not only part of the furniture in the office, they also have a purpose. They can really help boost workers’ health by providing cleaner air. In the workplace, the introduction of foliage will reduce carbon dioxide and cut down on dust and bacteria.

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Plants can increase levels of concentration – The ability to cut down on noise is another less well-known advantage of plant life. They will decrease background sounds by as much as five decibels, minimising employee distractions.

They increase levels of creativity – Plants increase innovation in the workplace, as well as improve productivity. Their presence can provide workers with inspiration and can help make a workspace look more uplifting. A truly artistic look can be produced by carefully selected plants combined with classic office furniture with a splash of colour.

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