Emotional disorders

What are emotional disorders and how can we detect them? Throughout the last decades, this type of affectations has been included and rethought in the DSM (Manual of Diagnosis of Mental Disorders). In this article, we will explain each of these emotional disorders, what symptoms and causes each one has and how they can be

CrossFit exercises

CrossFit is a sport whose main movements and exercises have their origin in military training, and some years ago it started to become fashionable. Despite the fact that it is a form of physical activity that requires specific facilities, more and more gyms and sports centers offer this activity in their repertoire. Despite the need

The anti-panic guide to dealing with Coronavirus and flu

The last few weeks have been characterized by a growing focus on new coronavirus infection. The spread of the virus, together with the increase in cases all over the world and in particular in Italy. Have created panic and alarm. Coronavirus infection is in many cases similar to the flu. But in a percentage of

improve memory with vitamins and minerals

Memory is the brain’s ability to remember facts and past events. Without it, it would be impossible for people to work and even perform the simplest of tasks from day today. Although forgetfulness is something to be expected and normal memory loss, complete it can be devastating and can compromise the lives and relationships of

How to be happy

Happiness is the state to which, consciously or not, seeks virtually everyone. Another thing is that happiness at everyone: someone happy family, someone professional self-realization, someone material prosperity. In the way of happiness is our delusion that happiness is difficult to achieve. We all used to think that the benefit to be earned, and that