homemade dry shampoo

We explain all the benefits of using homemade dry shampoo, how to apply it and how to do it at home with 100% natural ingredients. Have you heard of dry shampoo? Despite being very fashionable in recent years, it is not a new product. It emerged in the 1970s to facilitate head washing for people

improve memory with vitamins and minerals

Memory is the brain’s ability to remember facts and past events. Without it, it would be impossible for people to work and even perform the simplest of tasks from day today. Although forgetfulness is something to be expected and normal memory loss, complete it can be devastating and can compromise the lives and relationships of

Hot New Fitness Trends

It seems like every year there are new trends emerging in the fitness world, and while some are fads (Shake Weight?) and other attract fanatics (CrossFit, P90X, and so on), most people are on the lookout for exercise regimens that are sustainable, fun, and affordable. And the emerging fitness trends for 2014 seem to focus

Rosemary Water for Hair

Rosemary is an aromatic plant highly prized in the gastronomic field. Its unmistakable aroma and flavor bring body and personality too many dishes. But did you know that this plant is also highly valued in the world of beauty and personal care? Rosemary has been used as the main ingredient in many beauties and health treatments for