Your home is your Castle, Protect it!

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Everybody who owns their own home wants to protect it from thieves and burglars.  Did you realise that 34% of burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves who literally just open your unlocked door and stroll through!  If you are going out or even when you’re staying at home, secure your doors and windows with quality locks and bolts. Invest in security lighting, cameras and timer switches for the inside and outside of your property.  Leave lights on and music playing so that opportunists think there is someone home.

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A good house alarm can be a very efficient deterrent and make sure you’ve got good security on your outbuildings and garages.  Keep ladders, tools, bikes, garden mowers and utensils locked in those secure outbuildings.  Hide your keys away out of plain sight, including your car keys! Keep any fences repaired and in good order, secure your side gate with a decent lock, think about joining your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.  If you do have any high value personal items in your home, apart from having them individually insured you should keep them inside a lock box or safe. If you’re thinking of moving house to a new area it’s worth checking out the location several times day and night.  Take advice from companies such as  Gloucester Estate Agents or any other agency helping you to move home.  Mark your property especially bicycles with your postcode, don’t leave any valuables on display or near a window.


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