Why You Should Use Vehicle Fleet Management

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Vehicle Fleet Management is a business management solution that is designed to improve the management and efficiency of an organisation’s fleet of vehicles. The value of this solution is that it is not only a vehicle management solution but a vehicle-buying solution as well. It helps organisations maximise their outlay in terms of time, money and resources in the purchase of vehicles for fleet use and minimises the downtime associated with vehicle maintenance.

It requires a structured and systematic approach to ensure that vehicles are regularly maintained, serviceable and in good condition. A key requirement of this solution is that all vehicles in the fleet to be linked to a central database so that all drivers have access to the latest information regarding the health of the fleet, performance and condition of the vehicles and so on. This information allows fleet managers to prioritise routes, determine when vehicles need maintenance, when replacement vehicles should be replaced and so on. All of these actions reduce the amount of time that drivers spend waiting for a vehicle, the time that non-emergency repairs are carried out on vehicles and so the level of service provided to customers.

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Vehicle fleet management systems provided by Vehicle Fleet Management Gloucestershire companies like MPH Vehicle Solutions are designed to minimise the downtime associated with vehicle maintenance, while also improving the level of service that fleet managers can offer their customers. They integrate seamlessly with driver applications and can be integrated within existing fleet management solutions. Vehicle fleet management systems have the potential to reduce the costs of running a fleet of vehicles by up to 40%, whilst reducing the downtime associated with maintenance by up to two thirds.


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