Why it might be time to live a capsule life.

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You might have heard about a new concept in personal clothes storage. There is a bright new world and it is called the capsule wardrobe. Increasingly we are spending more and more money on fast fashion items. These are clothes that are one use only. The quality of the product means that longevity is not a consideration. This is creating a mountain of discarded textiles that is contributing to the nation’s carbon footprint.

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One easy win would be to get a set of Womens Aran Sweaters. These are quality products that will last you for years and years. Take a look at https://www.shamrockgift.com/aran-sweaters/womens-aran-sweaters to see what we mean.

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Simply put the capsule lifestyle breaks down the amount of clothes a woman should have in her wardrobe to 9 things. These are the classics that go with anything and can be formal and informal. They are, the Breton Top, a long ruffled sleeved blouse, a cashmere/Aran jumper. On the legs you need a pair of long leg jeans, a long sleeved ankle length dress. Next you need a trench coat to keep out the rain, a classic black leather jacket, white trainers and a pair of black ankle boots.

These are the clothes that you should make sure are the highest quality and will be the bedrock of any collection that you build. You’ll find that you’ll always come back to these, whatever age you reach.

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