What materials are radiators made from?

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We don’t spend much time thinking about the simple radiator until something goes wrong. They work tirelessly for us all through the winter, keeping us warm. Made of conductive metal, the main types are stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium.

Cast iron

This is a radiator material that is found in old Victorian houses and libraries for example. They are remnants of the industrial revolution, look very tough and are said to be the most efficient. However, when compared with modern materials, they are just as efficient as stainless steel. For Aluminium Radiators UK, visit a site like Apollo, suppliers of Aluminium Radiators UK

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Steel is a popular choice because of the relative cheapness and ability to be formed into a wide variety of designs and styles. Steel radiators are also available in various colours, making them a great choice to match the style of decoration. They will require a bit of maintenance to avoid rust build-up but make a good choice if you need to purchase multiple units.

Stainless steel

Another choice of materials that is very popular for radiators, stainless steel is low maintenance and does not rust. They are slightly more expensive than steel, but they are excellent for heat resistance. They are also available in various attractive weird and wonderful designs, as well as standard, simple and chic style.

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Many consider aluminium as the best material for a radiator. This is because aluminium is a super-conductor, heats up quickly and spreads heat more rapidly than other materials. They were very responsive but also command the highest prices.

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