Top Soap Actresses in The UK

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Eastenders, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, and Hollyoaks are known as soap television Operas that are broadcasted from 2 – 4 times a week. Many Actors and Actresses work to create dramatic storylines that keep viewers coming back for more; from dramatic deaths to controversial events, these soaps do not hold back when it comes to providing viewer entertainment. What about the Soap Actresses though? These shows have starred many talented female actors of all ages over the years, and it seems that the acting talent just keeps coming. Many of these Actresses will need to look young and good on screen, so they would have had lots of surgical treatments to keep them looking young. If you are keen on having anti-ageing treatments but aren’t sure about having surgery, then you could always consult a Thread Lift Cardiff based company such as that offer many non-surgical treatments to keep you looking young – here are the top Soap Actresses in the UK.

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June Brown 

June Brown played Dot Cotton in the Soap Opera, Eastenders; June’s first appearance in Eastenders was in 1985 where she worked at the Walford Launderette. She was the town gossiper who would always know other peoples business. Dot Cotton was the longest-running female actress in Eastenders, and starred on the show for an amazing 35 years; she announced in January 2020 that she was retiring. Throughout her time on Eastenders, she has starred with many fellow Actors and Actresses and has featured in many dramatic storylines. 

Helen Worth 

Helen Worth stars in Coronation Street and she plays Gail Platt; she has been on the show for an amazing 45 years, where she played a wide range of different storylines – some of which were very controversial. On the show, she is a mother to Nick Tilsley, Sarah Platt, and David Platt, and she has had a number of relationships on the show. 

Lucy Pargeter

Lucy Pargeter’s first appearance in Emmerdale was in 2002, where she turned up dressed as a Nun for a Stag Do. She then became a resident in Emmerdale and got accepted for a job at the Woolpack as a barmaid. Lucy has been involved in many emotional and controversial storylines; one of those is her being reunited with her long lost Son who was abused by his Father. Here you can check out other top Emmerdale storylines. She is now the landlady for the Woolpack and continues to be one of Emmerdale’s top Actresses.

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Jennifer Metcalfe 

Jennifer Metcalfe plays the role of Mercedes McQueen in popular Soap Opera, Hollyoaks; Mercedes is known as a feisty and outgoing character who gets mixed up in lots of toxic relationships. Mercedes has been involved in many different storylines and many of those involving marriages and affairs with different men. She is known to despise any women that arent her sisters, and she regularly gets herself into messes.

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