pig farming business plan

Pig Farming Business Plan: a Business With a Future, Profitability, Facilities

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Pig farming is a business with a future and that many people do not take into account. Lately, this venture has grown too much due to the demand in this sector. And mainly it is being developed in countries like Argentina, Spain, and Mexico, where they produce offspring to export and sell in the domestic market.

Pig farming business plan

It is one of the best profitable businesses that does not carry much investment compared to other ventures. Best of all, it is not necessary to start with many females to produce and start raising pigs. We will need a large place outside the city to work in peace.

But why is it so profitable?

Well, in the last 2 years people began to consume a lot of this meat, tripling the usual consumption and now more people are needed in pig farming to be able to supply all markets in different countries. For this reason, the few hatcheries that there are, do not provide for so much demand in the business. If you feel like investing little money, this can be a great idea to implement.

Why is it a business with a future?

Well as we said before the amount of consumption has tripled. This is due to the disclosure about the benefits of eating this meat and the proteins it provides. That is why pig farming has become one of the profitable businesses with a future, given that in the coming years, it is estimated that consumption will grow much more.

Other factors that make it a profitable business, is that pigs compared to other animals have a short breeding cycle, to be more exact their duration is 114 days, and they can have very numerous litters (between 10 and 12 animals). In some cases, they far exceed a dozen (depending on the breed of the pig) with much more reason.

The raising of pigs becomes a successful venture. In addition, not only the meat that is sold leaves profits, but also the leather is sold to companies, for the manufacture of footwear, suitcases, etc. For this reason and many more, pig farming is a business idea to take advantage of in these times.

Well, I already gave some explanations of why raising pigs is a profitable business, so now we are going to talk about how to implement it and what elements we will need when setting up a farm.

How to set up a pig farm?

The things that I will name in this article will be the most basic and economical to be able to mount it. To begin, we will need a large and rural place to set up the pig farm, since they need the outdoors, and a place that has no noise. We will have to manufacture the cages for our pigs. It is best to make it of cement and wire, it is the most economical and easy to clean.

The dimensions for each cage must be a minimum of 2.50 meters wide, by 5 long. If you are outdoors, it is best to cover half of the cage, so that the pigs are calm and do not get stuck. For the breeding of pigs, the fundamental thing is the “house” where they will have their young, another way to create it is with a large tent and iron structure since it is economical and will be protected.

Another of the most important elements for raising pigs is that when production grows, it is to buy large tanks to store food and water and make an automated connection to supply the animals.

Well, now the most important thing is the bristles to start. If you do not want to invest a lot of money, it is best to buy 4 sows and 1 pig, in a short time you will double your sows, and you will have much more production. Also, if you want to save much more and avoid buying that pig, it is best to call a veterinarian to do artificial insemination. As for the prices of pigs vary according to the breed, their price varies between 300 and 1000 dollars as you can see, pig farming does not need a very large investment to start.

You must also buy equipment to feed them automatically, although there is also the possibility of doing it in the old way or manually. The food is cheap. They eat balanced food. They eat 4 times a day if you want to save you can also give them the waste from the greengrocers. Although many hatcheries deny it, to save, they give him the waste of the vegetables.

Pig breeding, sale stage

Once they start to have young, we must wait 21 days to detest them and wait 40 more days, to go on to fattening, although after 30 days they can already be sold, but it is not recommended, since they pay us per kilo, if we gain weight we will win much more money, and this is the most important thing in the pig farming business. The ideal weight to sell our young is between 100 and 130 kilos, where we can see a large sum of money. For this reason, I do not recommend selling them freshly weaned.

Well, these are some data for pig farming, next week we will add the most important thing, which would be like finding buyers. Even if you don’t believe me, it’s easier to find them compared to other items in the segment.

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