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The followers of the X-Men saga will remember Deadpool for the movie ‘ X-Men Origins: Wolverine’. On that occasion, the character appeared surprisingly deprived of his greatest attribute: his talkative sarcasm and impudence. It’s as if Wolverine had his claws removed! Fortunately, Tim Miller in the direction and Ryan Reynolds as the lead actor amended the mistake and gave us a movie at the height of his R-Rated. If what you like is the roguish and cheeky humor, do not forget to watch these movies like Deadpool ‘.

The best movies like Deadpool

‘Kick-Ass’ (Matthew Vaughn, 2010)movies like Deadpool

Dave Lizewski (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) is a teenager who decides to become a superhero despite not having any talent or training. It has the guts, however. Chloe Grace Moretz and Nicolas Cage complete the cast as father and daughter defenders of good. Although that involves flying some heads. A comic and bloody adventure signed by Matthew Vaughn, an expert in fast-paced movies. In this case, the heroes do not have superpowers but you will find the same vulgarity and violence as in ‘ Deadpool ‘.

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‘The Crow’ ( Alex Proyas, 1994)movies like Deadpool

Dark and temperamental, this adaptation of the comic by James O’Barr was advanced to his times. ‘ The Crow ‘ presents a visceral and dark atmosphere, very ambitious. Brandon Lee plays Eric Draven, a man killed with his fiancee in a stark robbery in his own home. But that does not prevent him from returning as an immortal avenger to claim justice. Although the tone is visibly more gloomy, here we also have the comic book hero avenging the pain inflicted on his romantic partner, as in ‘ Deadpool ‘.

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‘Watchmen’ (Zack Snyder, 2009)movies like Deadpool

Set in 1985, ‘ Watchmen ‘ follows a band of former masked heroes who investigate who is killing them and why. But early they discover that there is something much deeper and more threatening in this conspiracy. Director Zack Snyder takes the helm in an adaptation of a graphic novel that many considered unfit. But the result is worth saying that it is admirable. The dramatic axis is much more complex compared to ‘ Deadpool ‘, but it is still an ideal movie for gut and blood lovers.

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‘Blade’ (Stephen Norrington, 1998)movies like Deadpool

Here we find a Wesley Snipes embodying a half-mortal, half-immortal being on the hunt for ultra-developed vampires. With his skillful sword and state-of-the-art devices, he intends to end his secret plan to awaken his God from evil and put an end to the human species. This is an ideal movie for horror movie lovers, with bloody massacres and supernatural creatures on the verge of madness. ‘ Blade ‘ is as deadly as ‘ Deadpool ‘, although in this case, the victims are vampires. It is one of the best movies like Deadpool.

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‘Logan’ (James Mangold, 2017)movies like Deadpool

You could not miss a nod to the X-Men saga in this compilation of movies similar to ‘ Deadpool ‘. ‘ Logan ‘ is the tenth installment of the series and takes us to Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)¬† on a solo adventure for a dystopian future. A chance encounter with a small mutant ( Dafne Keen ) forces Logan to abandon his plans to remain anonymous and will take action. Here we have another Marvel hero with his adventures for over 18.


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