Meet the Characters of Dad’s Army

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Dad’s Army is a British Wartime comedy TV series that ran between 1968 – 1977, and certainly gave viewers a good laugh; this was set during the Second World War and focused on a specialist army troop called ‘The Home Guard’. There were a total of 80 episodes in total, not including the lost episodes that were broadcasted in 2019. The characters in Dad’s Army was known as a bit useless and silly, and they were always getting themselves into bad situations. They certainly would not have been trusted to ride army vehicles; if you want to feel like a real army soldier, then you might want to check out Tank Driving Days from companies such as who can provide a fun and safe tank driving experience. In 2016 a Dad’s Army film was released and of course featured a whole new cast.

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Captain Mainwaring 

Captain Mainwaring is the ‘Home Guard’ platoon commander and led the platoon alongside Sergeant Wilson. Although he was from a working-class background, he went to a grammar school, so appeared ‘snobbish’ and ‘upper class’. He is someone who believes in following rules and doesn’t like to break them. Captain Mainwaring is known as being extremely patriotic, which can sometimes be confused for Xenophobia towards other nations and cultures.

Lance Corporal Jones 

Lance Corporal Jones is one of the older ‘Home Guard’ platoons members as he states he is 70 years old; he is known as being a ‘bumbling fool’ who tends to ramble on. He is also regularly criticised for this inability to keep in step with the other platoon members. He certainly doesn’t come across as a professional army solider as when danger is around, he will frantically panic.

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Private Pike 

Private Pike is the youngest member of the group that gets excused from war duties due to his rare blood type, but he joins the ‘Home Guard’ platoon at the age of 17. Pike is known to be childish and unaware about real-life issues which makes him very naive. He makes regular mistakes which annoys his platoon leader Captian Manwaring – he regularly refers to him as ‘stupid boy’

Private Godfrey

Private Godfrey is known as being kind and gentle, and regularly puts others lives before his. He becomes the Army Medical Supervisor after the platoon learns of his duty in The Battle of Somme where he worked with the Royal Army Medical Corps. Private Godfrey is known to be a bit old and senile and struggles to keep up with the other platoon members. 

Sergeant Wilson

Sergeant Wilson came from an upper-class family and went to public school – something that Captian Manwaring regularly criticises him for. He is known to be calm and well-spoken and is regularly charismatic and charming in social situations. He is popular with some platoon members such as Private Pike, but less so with Captian Manwaring. 

Private Frazier 

Private Frazier is a Scottish platoon member of the ‘Home Guard’, and is known as someone who is two-faced, and likes a good gossip. He likes to annoy his other platoon members, especially Sergeant Wilson and Captian Manwaring, and he regularly makes them doubt themselves. 

Private Walker 

Private Walker is known for trying to make extra cash by selling odd bits to his other platoon members. He is friendly with all of the ‘Home Guard’ platoon members and regularly gets them out of trouble. Although he can be known to make cheeky remarks, and interrupt Captian Manwaring whilst he is talking, he is reliable and loyal to the troop.

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