Interesting Facts About Guinness

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Interesting facts about Guinness are many, but they all come back to how the drink became a global phenomenon. What began as a small beer in an Irish countryside village has since expanded into a brand synonymous with world class quality and sensational price tags. In fact, it is now sold in more countries than the United States, Russia, India, and China combined. And people from every part of the world buy and drink it. This is especially true around the 17th of March for St Patrick’s Day. Combine it with some ST Patricks Day Gifts and you’re in for a great time (even better if those are ST Patricks Day Gifts by Shamrock).

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It was first begun by Arthur Guinness in 1759, so it is one of the oldest brewed drinks still being consumed today. It was developed out of the popular London brew called Porter. It is a great source of Iron and was even given as a health tonic to patients if they were suffering from a loss of the mineral.

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It is the best selling drink in Ireland to this day. Working for the brewery was a major draw to workers as they had some of the best pay rates and welfare schemes that were seen at the time. Despite originating in practicing Catholic country the brewery avoided employing them certainly as brewers until the 1960’s.  It was quite happy to sell it to them though!

The 1980’s saw a sea change to the drink that made it more drinkable and more fashionable for the emerging markets that did not hold to the older flavours. This related to the use of lighter malts rather than the darker heavier variety.


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