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The Dominic O’Brien has also used some of these tricks; he is a leading expert of mnemonics eight-time winner of the World Memory Championship.

1)  Word games for general informationtricks to remember

Puns work because they simply require remembering something rather than raw information. Here are 3 memory techniques that use the words tricks:

  1. Rhymes: there are countless rhymes to encode information. For example, the one to remember the months of the year ( 30 days has November, April, June, and September, 28 there is one, all the rest have 31 )
  2. Acronyms: a simple example used by math students to remember the order of operations for an equation is PEMDAS Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction.
  3. Acrostics: an acrostic is an acronym in reverse. For example, an acrostic that surely you learned in elementary school has to do with the breakdown of the Alps: “But with the great pain goes down” (But = Maritime; With = Cozie, Gran = Gracie; Pena = Pennine; Le = Lepontine; Re = Retiche; Ca = Corniche; Down = Julian).

2) Images to remember numbers

This method works by transforming a single digit in an ‘ image based on the shape of the number, such as zero has the form of a ball, the 9 that of a balloon with the thread, etc… If you have a series of numbers to remember, such as a pin code, or a date, you can try to memorize viewing a scene that uses these images. For example, if your pin number starts with 67, it displays a golf club hitting a boomerang.

Exercise: Try to memorize a string of 20 numbers: 79046213585994013276 – converting each number in an equivalent manner and connecting them in your mind. Start imagining pulling a boomerang to the balloon and move on. In the end, you should have created a story that includes a chain of 20 numbers linked together. Then try to write the sequence and awarded one point for each digit that you remember. Maximum 20 points; 4+: out of practice; 8+: You can improve; 18+: master.

3) Parts of the body to remember lists

This is a very effective system to quickly fix a list of information such as a shopping list. It works by combining parts of the body with images of mental anything you want to remember. More vivid or exaggerated images are better because they will help you fix them in memory. For example, if you must remember to buy chicken for dinner you could imagine a chicken perched on your shoulder.

You can use the image below to practice making an association between the body and the object of the shopping list. Once you do this, try to recall the image in your mind and try to see how many objects of memories list.

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4) Fantasia for names and faces

  1. Pays attention. When we present ourselves to another person often, we are more focused to say your name, or to shake hands, or how we have looked at the others. So if you have not heard the name the first time does not embarrass you to ask a second time.
  2. Make a concrete name. You can think of the replacement words or some image evoked by the name.
  3. Is it a feature of the face? There is a feature of the face of this person is immediately evident?
  4. Associate name and face. Get the meaning of the name given in step 2 and think of an image in your mind to be associated with facial features identified in step 3. Show details as possible. Since the visual memory of many people is naturally stronger than the verbal, if you are mentally drawn this it will jump immediately to mind.
  5. To better remember and store in long-term memory repetitive the name periodically. After forming an association name-face, review the association in your mind after 10-20 seconds, and repeat after 10 minutes.

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