Get the tonal look correct.

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Here are several reasons why tonal dressing is not necessarily physically difficult, and our suggestions can even make it a little easier to struggle everyday to put clothes on. A very good idea would be to go to EJ Menswear and take a look at Calvin Klein Menswear.

White is a metaphor not an absolute.

The all white menswear trend is simply all about dressing head to toe in the definition of white instead of a washing powder commercial. Think of the fading yellow shirt, the off-white Chinese cream cardigan, the tan suede loafers. Relax about the whole “must be white“ thing.

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Not all tones are white (see above!)

Before you donate every coloured clothing item you have to charity, remember this – you can hit the tonal dressing trend with other colours this season. Think black blazers, classic dark deep blue jeans, black sunglasses with thick rims and any number of black leather shoes.

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Tonal dressing consists of dealing with what you have to go with and what you’ve got planned. The idea is not to flood yourself in all white as this will look faintly ridiculous. It can not be overstated that the tonal look is set around hints of colour within the white and not to flood yourself totally. There are still plenty of options that you can use to mix up the style and capture that summer look. Pull it off and you’ll have a winning combination that is sure to get the objects of affection giving you the attention and not someone else.

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