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What garden style to choose for a small space

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It can seem like a daunting task to make the most of the space available in small gardens. However, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get creative, break the rules, and use clever tricks to turn a small plot into an outdoor oasis. Whether you’re trying to find the style that’s right for your little gardening space, or you’ve been gardening for years in a small space, you’ll find the following inspiring collections.

Urban gardensgarden style

Urban gardens need to tick a lot of boxes, providing outdoor space for planting, relaxing, playing, and entertaining. Usually, in a relatively small space, they need smart designs to work well. Most urban gardens become either functional spaces or harbors filled with plants in which you can escape the hectic city life. They often have minimal design and repeated patterns for maximum effect.

Contemporary gardensgarden style

Clean, clean lines are an integral part of contemporary design and can be applied to small or large gardens. Equally important is the use of space, the geometric layout, and the absence of too much detail and space. All of this adds up to a garden that could be the perfect antidote to a hectic lifestyle – vibrant but relaxing. Materials tend to be natural and timeless like stone, slate, and wood, and plants only become part of the architecture – think of trimmed hedges, specimen trees, and simple planting blocks. Water is often used to create reflections, movements, or sounds.

Prairie stylegarden style

The drift of low maintenance ornamental grasses and herbaceous perennials creates a succession of relaxing and naturalistic plantations. This style draws its influence from the great North American meadows and creates movement and the informal. As well as interest at the end of the season. It looks great on large areas, but a small border planted in this style can also be effective. Use gravel or pebble paths to enhance the natural look. Let the plants self-seed to reinforce their naturalistic style.

Forest gardengarden style

The subtle plantations of foliage plants and the soft hues of many inhabitants of the native forest create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Plants that love shade appreciate the cool, sunny conditions of wooded areas. The spring flower bulbs are particularly highlighted under the deciduous trees before they are stripped and a shade more deeply. Even a small garden around a single tree or a large shrub can be planted in this style. Woodland-type plantations are also suitable for flower beds shaded by neighboring walls or buildings.

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