Even government officials are still working at home

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As the pandemic leads to ever-changing guidelines for working, schooling or socialising, the government continues to encourage people to return to the workplace. This comes despite a Freedom of Information request which revealed that many government officials continue to work from home with only one in seven civil servants returning to the office.

Where to work from

There are fears that the knock-on effects will severely damage businesses local to offices that rely upon the footfall of office workers to keep them going. While there has been a surge in office-workers being given the opportunity to work from home, many companies will wish to continue to operate out of their office spaces for the near future. For those at home, there will be a desire to separate work life from home life and this may include preparing a workspace. At short notice, next day office furniture being delivered can set the scene for home working. Computer terminals, remote access, telephone or webcam; these are the decisions that need to be made to ensure a productive workspace.

The government is concerned that the behaviour of civil servants in not travelling to work will set a negative example and discourage others from seeing the need to work from the office. Yet, heads of business themselves continue to work remotely and even Britain’s senior public servants are logging on from home. In the case of the Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, she is working remotely from her native Canada. There have been concerns expressed that it is not possible for everyone to do their jobs as well from home.

Local economies

For those who are starting out a career working remotely, the economics are changing as businesses move to alternatives. Deliveries will increase, more can be done and ordered online. When ordering next day office furniture, for example, it is worth looking for companies that are reliable, either locally or online, such as https://www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/office-chairs/next-day-chairs/. As guidelines change, it is best to be prepared as much as possible to ensure comfort and productivity.

There remains a great deal of uncertainty when it comes to remote working. Encouraged by some, disapproved of by others, this subject could become quite divisive. Personal preferences must align with professional requirements. Companies may take this opportunity to reduce their overheads. All will look to the government for guidance and in setting an example.

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