College Admissions Trends
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When you’re applying for colleges there’s so much to know about the different colleges that you might want to attend, your chances of getting in, and the changing trends in requirements. Each year admissions officers change just a little bit in regard to those trends and keeping up with the changing in tides is often the name of the game when it comes to writing your applications. You have to know what the schools are looking for, and you also have to know what kinds of new options are available to you. If you don’t, then you might end up spending 4 years at your safety school and wondering if there was something else you could have done to have improved your chances of gaining admissions to your #1 pick. Here is a shortlist of college admissions trends for 2019.

Shorter Letters of Recommendation

In the past, a lot of teachers tried to write as much about a student as they possibly could to increase the chances of that student getting into the school. If there was a lot to say about the student and their achievements, then teachers would often write 2-3 pages in their letter, just to make sure that they got it all in. These days, however, more and more schools are requesting that the letters be no more than a single page so that they can read through the highlights and then move on to the rest of the application. Most schools will tell you what kinds of information they want to read about in those letters, so you can give that bullet-pointed list to your teacher and then let them fill in the blanks.

Community College Recruitments

Each year there are more and more transfer students accepted from community colleges into 4-year universities. This is evidenced by the overwhelming increase in partnerships between universities and community colleges as well as the increased number of events held on community college campuses where universities often advertise their programming. If you are currently attending a community college, you should definitely find out which universities your school is partnering with to see if you might have a better chance of being accepted. If you happen to be applying to transfer schools anyway, you may as well at least keep those schools in mind as safety schools.

Increased Admissions

The trend over the past 4 years has shown an increased percentage of applicants being admitted at just about every university. Some people think that college is becoming more competitive when that is not necessarily the case. There also happens to be a lot more options because there are so many online colleges that you can apply to and many of them are extensions of well-established universities. For example, you can apply to Case Western’s masters in social work online and earn your degree from the comfort of your own home. This can really help to take a lot of the complications of going away for college out of the picture so that you can continue your higher education without having to uproot your entire life.

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