Tips for lighting a small room

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Lighting is key to making a small space seem bigger than it is, and to create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere. Here are some ideas for lighting up a small room:

  1. Use low-key wall and overhead fixtures

If space is tight, particularly rooms with a low ceiling, this can limit the selection of lamps available that add light without intruding too much into the space. Low-key lighting often works best, like downlights, recessed lighting, sconces or strip LED lights are perfect for this, as they are often able to provide a strong illumination with no fear of overcrowding. They also save the effort of trying to create a space at floor level.

  1. Attract the eye up with ceiling fixtures

Just having overhead lighting can make too many shadows, especially in small rooms where there is a limited amount of equipment you can add. Adding wall fixtures as well as floor and table lamps will create a more open space. In a small room that has ample wall and ceiling space, a clever method of making the space look bigger is to bring the eye upward to a statement ceiling fixture or pendant light, for example. Set it off with contemporary Ceiling Roses. Find a wide range of ceiling roses at Creative Cables

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Floor lamps are a great way to attract the eye, creating the illusion of more space. Their thin profile makes it suitable to brighten small rooms and dark corners that make a small room look gloomy.

  1. Consider the aesthetics

In a small room, you must carefully consider each item you add. After all, it will take up valuable space and should only be added if it improves the atmosphere of the room. Thin and slight fixtures work well but do not be afraid to include a larger lamp if it is a decorative piece that matches the theme of the room and helps to tie it together.

For maximum light, consider including a bare bulb. These lights typically take up very little space. If your lamp will be on display, look for lights that add visual appeal, such as incandescent or LED light carbon filaments or coloured lights.

  1. Decorate the room with a mind to space

To make your room look bigger, you can add more than just lights – here are a few of the options:

Mirror – To open the space and create the illusion of a larger room, place a mirror on the wall, especially opposite any windows.

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Paint colours – bright paint colours will help to make the room seem larger. Choose a neutral colour, pastel tones or white for the walls, floors, and ceiling of your small room.

Colour scheme – Another way to create the appearance of a larger space is to opt for a monochromatic colour scheme. Using different tones of the same colour throughout the room and textiles that help them blend better and trick the eye into believing there is more space.

Declutter – Reduce the amount of furniture and decorative touches to make the room feel less cluttered and wider, and be careful with your selection of wall art. Avoid anything overly bright or too large, instead consider simply one or a couple of medium-sized pieces.

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