Apparently, Men shop differently to Women.

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It might come as a surprise, but probably not that much of a surprise to find that women and men shop differently. Anyone who has been “dragged” around the shops by a woman looking for an outfit for a wedding or party (you know the story, sees a dress in the first shop, goes to about 5 or 6 others then decides she likes the first one you saw) will relate. Men are focused shoppers who know what they want and go and get it. This job is made even easier by EJ Menswear. They will have a great range including the stylish XV Kings Menswear items.  All in one place, job done.

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But are they so different? When a Man is shopping for something traditional male is it not his turn to “drag” a woman around a sound system or a vintage vinyl shop for hours and hours “browsing”. The simple answer is that it is the retailers that play on the mind of the shopper. The aim of the retailer is to get you in the shop and then get you to stay there for as long as possible. The longer the length of time the more likely you are to buy something or better still for them more than something.

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The fact you are being “dragged” anywhere is more an indication of a habit rather than a specific gender trait. Women and Men’s brains work in very different ways and rather than get annoyed why not embrace the time.

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