Accessorising your evening dress

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There are many occasions when you might wear an evening dress; a prom or a ball, wedding or work Christmas party. But once you’ve chosen the dress, how should you accessorise it?

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Consider the colour

This is a matter of personal taste and there are really two routes you can take. Firstly, you can choose to match your accessories with the colour of your dress, or secondly, you can choose to contrast them. If you decide to have everything matching then you can have a hard task ahead unless your dress is a classic black or white.

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There are so many varying shades of other colours that it can be difficult finding accessories which match exactly, and if the colours are slightly off, it can simply look odd. If you choose a white maxi dress, for example, you will often find it easier to find colour coordinated handbags, shoes and jewellery.

If you choose a contrasting colour for accessories, it’s fair to say that you will have more options open to you. Contrasting colours can really add the wow factor to an outfit, particularly if your dress is a plain, light colour, such as white. Most colours will stand out and add impact against a white backdrop.

It is important to make sure you have enough space to hold your dresses and accessories and a Bespoke Fitted wardrobes company will be able to create you a lovely wardrobe if you are struggling for room.


Once you’ve decided whether you’re contrasting or matching your accessories to your dress you can start to think about jewellery. But here is your second dilemma; do you go for high impact, elegant sophistication or somewhere in the middle? Ultimately, the look you create should be one you’re comfortable wearing, go too far out of your comfort zone and it could end up ruining your night.

Finally, to finish, think about your hairstyle. If you have chosen a dress with a dramatic back feature then try wearing your up to really show it off. There are plenty of beautiful accessories you can add to your hair to add touches of elegance or drama. If you’re not certain which style to choose, or how to achieve it, there are plenty of images and videos on the web which will help you.

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